How do you want your custom sheet music?

¿Cómo quieres tu arreglo?

We can do practically any song, in any style, for any group of instruments or voices. Just tell us what song you want, what instruments you have, and anything else you need in the arrangement. Also, transpositions (you provide a complete score in one key, and we send you it back in another key) and copying (you send us a hand-written mess, and we send you pristine typeset sheet music back).

Podemos hacer prácticamente cualquier canción, en cualquier estilo por cualquier grupo de intrumentos o voces en cualquier nivel de dificultad. Solo dinos los requeriientos y ya está. Tambien podemos hacer composiciones originales, transposiciones y digitalizaciones.

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What exact instruments or voices want in your sheet music? / ¿Qué instrumentos o voces quieres en tu partitura?
Difficulty level, duration, style, different tune / Dificultad, duración, estilo. tono.

About Royalties, Copyright, and Performance Licenses

As a performer, you are entitled to play copyrighted songs, and the composers (or copyright holders) are entitled to a royalty every time their songs are played. In most cases you never have to do anything to ensure these royalties are collected and paid. That's because most venues that feature live music on a regular basis (concert halls and auditoriums, clubs, etc.) pay blanket royalties on a regular schedule that cover ALL the songs performed in their venue. Performing rights organizations (like ASCAP, BMI, and Harry Fox) collect these payments and distribute them to their associated composers.

Exceptions -- when you actually may need to do something -- are when you are performing "grand" works, like an opera or ballet, because those rights are administered somewhat differently, or if you make recordings. Please consult a qualified copyright attorney if you have any questions about your copyright responsibilities.